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Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
We took our then 10month old on a disney cruise in Oct and plan to go on the NCL Dawn with her in June. She had fun with us but, didn't like going to the nursery. My husband was very nice to watch her during her cranky times while My older daughter and I enjoyed shows and ect. The crib in the room worked out well. The staff was very good to help us find table food And pureed food for her. We brought the umbrella stroller which worked out great.

She enjoyed it...and so did we. Our NCL cruise itinerary is just Bermuda so I believe it will be a relaxing one. It's nice you have the option of all the dinning and any time, makes for less demands on the baby since her schedule will be some what off. We like to sometimes just hit the buffet at night and bring our food outside to dine under the sunset. I'm sure the baby will love it! I think I will try a show with her this time, depending on her mood of course. NCL's kids camp doesn't start until 3 or 4 I think. No matter what...HAVE FUN :-D
thanks for the info.. we just confirmed the NCL Jewel in June with my granddaughter coming along at 10months... will see if the kids have an umbrella stroller or something small ..
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