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Originally Posted by suse View Post
I just booked a Celebrity cruise because of the last cruise I had with HAL.
Too much smoking on balconies bothered me. So, easy peasy, book with another line that doesn't allow it.
It is too bad since we love Holland America but this is one thing that can be overwhelming if you don't smoke.
I know, go elsewhere. However, it makes me sad, as HAL has the best food of all the mainstream lines. Of course, that will be better for me health wise I guess. (besides less smoke on Celebrity) I should not eat all that food. I also fear I won't like Princess anymore either. I almost wish Celebrity would go back to their old policy, as that would "even out" the smokers on the lines. I have never had a problem with a few smokers. On my last HAL cruise there were a high percentage of smokers, which is why there was a problem.
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