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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
You know, I am not out to "make friends" either, but I do believe in being polite to the crew and showing appreciation for their hard work. I have heard some people talk to them so badly. (If it had been me serving them, NO amount of tip would have made up for such treatment, although I do wonder if those type people even tip) It seems to me, even in 2010, some people still believe in the "cast system" of the 19th century, and seem to think because they have more money than others, or a better position/job, that they are "better" than those there to serve them.

I do think there is a "happy meduim." Why can't we simply treat the crew on cruise ships politely, as fellow human beings, as at Least I do, to any waiter in a restaurant, or maid or porter in a hotel,etc.
Don't misunderstand me. I wouldn't consider treating them like that. I just meant I'm not out to make friends. I smile, will make chit chat if appropriate but I also know that in reality, that's all they want from me. I would never base a gratuity on if a person ingratiatuous (bad spelling) themselves with me. I expect good service and at the same time I appreciate it and will let it be known - with a smile, a thank you and when appropriate, with a gratuity.
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