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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
In my last five cruises the food has to be rated as: This is in a three year period.

1. Celebrity
2. Carnival Legend
3. NCL
4. Royal Caribbean

Celebrity wins because of overall consistency from buffet, dining room, specialty restaurant to room service.

Carnival was only Carnival Legend but their dining room was equal to Celebrity and their buffet was the best I've seen.

NCL food on my last cruise was overall very good with just a couple of mediocre items.

On Voyager and Serenade the food was good but little was excellent and a number of things were mediocre to poor and I sent a number of things back. I haven't sent that many things back on any other cruise line.

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The above post was from 2005 and sadly Royal Caribbean has remained in last place. I've sailed them twice since then and both times the food was; under/overcooked, tough meat, cold things warm, hot things cold and generally poor. I really can't understand why Royal Caribbean would spend so much on beautiful ships with great venues and let the food slide and continue to do so.

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