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Paul..thanks for providing insight on this issue from someone who has experienced both sides of this issue

I would like to comment on your statement about "the feel of the cruise"..i've noticed a distinct difference when i have been on the chartered smooth jazz cruises vs "regular" cruises..on the smooth jazz cruises both the guests and the crew seem to be more relaxed (mellow) and more engaged, very often the promoter will invite crew members who are jazz musicians to join in jam sessions with the artist onboard and will arrange for a special autograph session for the crew members, very often at the back of the main theater you will see crewmembers standing and enjoying the show with the blessing of the captain and the promoter...on the full charters the tips are prepaid, there are a significant number of guest that this is their first cruise experience, but i suspect because the guest are enjoying the music and the "feel of the ship" encourages tipping above and beyond what has already been prepaid..the cruises are sold out (no kids) but the "feel" between crew and guest is very positive and because there is an extremely high return rate of guest (i would suspect over 60%) year after year on the same ship, plus the promoter has a staff onboard to act as a go-between if there is an issue that is non music related, it tends to become a win/win for all parties
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