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Would agree with zydecocruiser. When you get off the ship in Freeport, there's not much right at the port. A couple tourist shops and one bar. But if you want to go somewhere to walk around, it's a $5pp cab ride. More like a bus. You won't get a private cab for $5pp. And it's a 30 minute ride each way to the other side of the island - Port Lucaya. They'll wait till the van is full and take 13 people together. It's a fairly tight ride. I'm a really small person so it didn't bother me. Once you get there, there's a beach, fairly nice and some shops and bars. Basically everything is in US dollars. But each time someone in our group went up to get beers, the total amount changed. They treat 1 bahamian dollar like 1 american dollar. Apparently the exchange is not exact but they use them interchangably. And like I said, the amounts might seem mysterious. But nothing was expensive so nobody complained. I heard they were hit with a hurricane about 5 years ago and have never quite recovered. It's an ugly ride to Port Lucaya. 1/2 the island is oil refinery or something like that. It smelled really bad. Once you get to Port Lucaya it's much nicer but not a whole lot to do. We only had a few hours in port so we didn't bother booking an excursion. If we had more time I would consider a snorkling trip or something. The island itself isn't worth seeing. Or it might have been a good day to stay on the ship.
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