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Great posts by Paul, thanks

I am also into reality TV and one of my favs right now is "Cruise Ship Diaries", its about Costa. It gives me a really great insight into what the staff or crew have to deal with on a daily basis especially being an Italian owned and run line, where the first language is Italian.

They have meetings to "gauge" the people coming on board before they cruise, especially with nationality. ie we have a lot of Germans this week so their expectation is,,,whatever, staff behaviour, noise levels, music, food, games,,,in fact anything.

They must work under so much strain for 7 days or so at a time trying to look happy and welcoming to all nationalities that board the ship and the individual expectations these customers have. In this case not new v experienced cruisers, but as nationality v nationality

Would be really interested to hear from Paul on how that was managed during your time onboard
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