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Default Ports, no longer visited

I wish the cruise lines would bring back some ports they dropped...hopefully the issues that determined the port cancellations, have changed.

I loved Caracas,and Martinique, and really enjoyed my day in these ports, but I know they were not wildly popular, and Caracas had some security issues. I would enjoy cruising there again. Does Guadaloupe get many stops anymore? I enjoyed this port too, but would prefer it not to be on Easter Monday, as it was when we were there. Hardly anything was open, as it's a beach holiday there.

St Croix, used to be quite popular years ago..a hurricane damaged the port, and I think Carnival does port here, sporadicallyat a new/rebuilt pier?

For long time cruisers, do you remember any ports,that now get passed by? I think a German ship, it must be a small one,stopped at Anguilla..that would be a nice day...

Have any of you cruised to Cuba inthe 50's? I know there used to be cruises from NYC to Cuba, in the olden days

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