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Originally Posted by david30101 View Post
I havent been to St Thomas since 2005. What i was suggesting is Go to St Thomas FIRST..Then all the other stops. That makes more sense and makes clearing customs not an issue since there was no stops enroute to St Thomas. Of course somebody will have an answer for that..Carnival sure dosent. I looked at a cruise to Bermuda..And the last stop before home was Conneticut, Which means ship has to clear customs in Conn. What if some dont get off there? Since they already cleared in Conn, do they have to clear again in NY when everybody departs?..Shouldnt have to, right? Just walk right off as soon as it docks..Sounds like a good deal to me...I forgot..Govt as work..They will make the ship clear customs a second time even though it was in a us port the day before..Who knows, they might of picked up a pirate or something...

Your idea sounds so simple - until you realize that most cruse ships can't sail between Florida and St Thomas in a timely manner. If the ship tried to stop at St Thomas first, it wouldn't arrive until mid-afternoon. Any time you saved by not going through Immigration (not Customs) would not help with such a late arrival.

FYI, if a cruise ship on a closed loop trip from a US port stops in a US port or territory mid-cruise, there is no longer any Immigration or Customs inspection until the ship hits it's final US Port (at the end of the cruise).
Problem solved.
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