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It is amazing how many clueless people have posted on this thread. If someone wants to speak with authority instead of out their ass, back it up with the source.

For starters, this link will show you inexperienced card players that card counting can be done easily for up to 8 decks, but is more commonly used in a six deck shoe (standard size shoe at most multi deck tables).

Here is the source:
Card counting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Although it doesn't hurt to mention I'm a professional poker player...

Also, a 17 year old may or may not pass for the casino, just depends on how old the person truly looks and who is working the pit. If the pit asks for ID, J-Unit or anyone else for that matter would simply say they forgot it in their room or "don't have it" and they would be kindly asked to leave. That simple. No getting "kicked off the ship" or any other crazy crap some of you posters pull out your rectum.

Good Lord. Had to settle that nonsense!
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