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Funny how we all see things differently. Donna apparently didn't like St. Vincent. We were there once and I have to consider it as one of the best ports we ever called on. It's not overly developed, It's lush and green and very beautiful. One of the few remaining Caribbean islands with a population of true Caribe Indians.
We had one of the best shore tours there we were ever on. We had a van with 4 other people, a driver and guide. A man from England was on the tour--he had a bottle of high octane white Rum. We had the driver stop and get some mixin's for the fixin's and proceeded to have a merry time. Even the guide got happy with us. We toured the island in style and I remember every other word from the tour guide was " Yep"--it was soccer season and she invited us all to her house and extended families picnic but of course we weren't able to go.
I'd love to go back there again!
Re/ St. Croix, If I understand it correctly, crime got to be a problem there and the ships quit calling because of that. Having been there, I wouldn't want to go back--maybe the next guy would.
But, that's what makes the world go round--different opinions and views.
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