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I guess I'm the oddball. I've been to Martinique several times and never had a problem. It's a beautiful island with lots of greenery, beaches, etc.
The main town is Fort de France and from where the ships dock it's only a short walk to town.Once we took a ferry from town across the bay to a beach area called Les Trois Ilets. There were nice hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc.The Ferry ride wasn't long and reasonably priced.
Another time there was an American Naval Warship on call there. We had lunch at a waterfront restaurant / bar in town and there were several sailors there. We talked with some of them. They were happy to see and talk to some fellow Americans.
To enjoy Martinique is like a lot of the other places--you have to get out and about to really see the place. It's full of history--Napoleon's wife Josephine was born there--St. Pierre, formerly called the Paris of the west was the main town until 1902 when Mt. Pele erupted and in a matter of minutes had killed almost 30,000 people. The only survivor was the town drunk who had been arrested the day before and was in an underground jail cell. It's an interesting place which still shows the damages, has a museum with many artifacts form the town that were damaged, including a partially melted church bell.

The Caribe Indians called it the " Isle of Flowers," which to me is pretty accurate.
Worst and funniest thing that ever happened to me on Martinique was this-- I was in a restaurant / bar and had to go to the bathroom. I asked the bartender where the bath was--he pointed to a door--I didn't know it was a bathroom for both sexes--I walked over, opened the door and a French lady was just raising up from the commode with her pants down about her shins---I got a full shot of everything she had !! She said something and I backed out and shut the door. In a minute she came out and gave me a mean look--I pointed to the lock on the door and told her (in my English ) she should have locked the door !!
She went back to her table and apparently told her hubby/boy friend or
whomever it was and he gave me a dirty look but I couldn't help it-- She should have locked the door. But, I got a minds eye photo of her with her pants down. I still remember exactly what she looked like. Maybe that's why I like Martinique !!

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