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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Sorry Felix.. I don't think that's always the case. I'm Canadian, and only booked my very first cruise with a Canadian agency. After that, I've always found better pricing using agencies in the U.S.

Plus, when booking with a Canadian agency, you pay in Canadian dollars, and in most cases the exchange rates the cruise lines use in calculating their "Canadian prices" are disadvantageous to the purchaser.
That must have been awhile ago Kuki. There is no problem booking in U.S. $$ - I always book my personal cruises in U.S. $$. If a Canadian agency won't book you in U.S. then, run - there is no reason not to. All the cruise companies accept U.S. when i tell them I want that pricing. I usually get both pricings although since we are .002 off par today I wouldn't consider booking in Canadian.

You are right - booking in Canadian is too expensive.

So, now prices are the same in U.S. whether you book with a Canadian agency or a U.S. agency. As I said before, the big difference is in the protection if any of the companies go under (but the must have an office here in Ontario to be coverd).

Skyservice went into bankruptcy last week but everyone booked to fly with them - that is booked in Ontario - will be protected one way or anther.

The other advantage Kuki, if an American or English or Australian or whoever books through an agent in Ontario they have the same additional coverage through TICO as does someone living in Ontario.
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