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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Carnival is now lagging behind in Loyalty rewards. Priority boarding doesn't isn't enough anymore. They need to increase the onboard amenities and discounts that other lines now offer.
Carnival's program was non-existent up until just a few years ago (like 3?). A ship pin and a past guest party prior to that was it.

The free wash and fold laundry service is a huge perk to me and is included with even the least expensive cabin for Platinum members.

That Carnival Corp reinstated a dividend for shareholders is also important to me. Being profitable is always a good thing. It helps ensure longevity.

I think the Platinum benefits are more than sufficient. I wouldn't mind seeing something additional for the various Milestone levels (25, 50, 75, 100) cruises.

I think the price of cabins on Carnival is quite reasonable. Yes, they could inflate the prices to allow for a discount, but that is just playing accounting games.

While repeat business is important to cruise lines, they cannot grow the business on repeat customers. They need attract new cruisers to grow.

Carnival started as a non-elitist company and that is a huge factor in their success. Being a mass market cruise line is how to best ensure survival.

During the economic situation of the last year or two, repeat customers were a bigger factor. Now that the economy is picking up, I think cruise lines will shift again to trying to attract new customers and loyalty programs will become less of a factor.

As to the email survey, are you still eligible to win a free cruise??? ;-)
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