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Cool Here I go then!

Just got back from 7 days on the Crown Princess. In the Grand Scheme of things I have very few gripes. And most are petty. But since there's a special spot here I go...

People who can't find a shirt with a collar for their kids at dinner. Even on formal night!

Kids (teenagers) in the adult pool. And not just one or two!

People who put towels on the lounge chairs and disappear for hours!

People who are rude and ask stupid insenseative questions to locals. You know the kind that make you embarassed to be an American.
"Why do "you people" drive on the wrong side of the road? It's stupid!"
"I can't beleive you all eat turtle! That's so disgusting it makes me want to throw up"
Turtle is one of the Cayman's favorite dishes!

When everybody's standing in line waiting to get off the ship and certain people think that they don't have to wait in line.
"We have an excursion!" And the rest of us are here in line for gang plank!

People who waste food. It's one thing to try new things or get something and not like it. It a whole other issue when you fill your plate up with enough food to feed a small village. "Because you can" or "Cuz I paid for it" and leave 2/3 of it on your plate to be thrown away. I can't begin to imagine how much food gets thrown away! Perhaps if everybody's mentality was a little different cruises would be a little cheaper. I just have a problem with people wasting food. Thanks Mom & Dad!

People who think sweats are a fashion statement. Don't care who's name is on them or how much they cost, sweats are sweats. If your not on the way to the pool, spa, gym or Wal-Mart put on clothes! That's just my opinion!

And one last thing - I'm no fashion czar but all cruise ships have mirrors. Please use them!!! Take a look at yourself before you make others look at you. If you spend half your life eating (like me) than perhaps a thong or banana hammock is not for you. In your clothing resembles your childrens or your grand childrens, think twice cuz chances are your going to look rediculous to others. And mostly just find clothes that fit your size and age. I'm a XXXL and I don't try to strut around in my XL high schoo football shirt!

As I said all pretty petty and not enough to ruin a cruise but they can still be a bit disturbing thus worthy of a gripe......

Carnival Fascination 11/01/04, 5N
Crown Princess 3/27/10, 7N
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NCL Escape 11/09/15 2N
NCL Breakaway 11/27/16 14N
RCCL Harmony of the Seas 11/? 3N & 2/11/17 7N
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