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the cruiseline's fault for not enforcing the rules
Not that it was issue but I never really saw the cruise people enforcing any rules. From smoking which was not as big an issue as I thought it would be. To dress code, kids in adult pools, kids in the bars at night, to name a few. We cruised during high school spring/Easter break. Of 3,500 passengers they said 750 were kids (2 of those were ours ). I don't think we would ever cruise that week again. That being said we had more issues with rude, ignorant & insenseative "adults"!!!

Just a quick side note. They make a big deal about "smuggling" things like liquor in to your rooms from ports. We never saw anybody so much as check a bag after being on shore. I was thinking with my group that there has to be an equal amount of danger of somebody trying to smuggle something "harmfull" on to the boat in a port than when you arrive????? I know it would make getting back on the boat more time consuming but seems to me it would make sense to check everybodys, or at least some poeple's bags. Again not something I lost sleep over! Worked for me as I got to refill my rum bottle in my room. (Which was out in open sight the whole cruise)

I was talking to a friend of mine who is considering going with us next time. We were telling him about some of the rude people we had run across and how baffled we were at just how rude some people can be. I could see he was starting to worry a little bit so I explained to him. When you go on a cruise you meet lots of people. 99% are very nice, considerate and friendly. More so than any other type of vacation you can take. I talked with people from all over the US, Canada, OZ and a couple from Scotland.

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