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I too have pretty much encountered all the above gripes.. The chair thing is a definate. I have NEVER seen anyone take belongings off a chair before. I have a previous co-worker that went on a cruise and continually referred to the people as "natives" Her daughter almost died a few times. The food issue makes me laugh. People act like they have never eaten before and are not going to get to eat ever again... they pile it on a plate to the point of it running off the edges... Makes me sick to look at it. I don't check around to see how much of it was eaten but I bet not 1/2. Hopefully I am wrong. I actually saw a young man in the dining room one night with a baseball cap on. If I was his mother I would have yanked that hat off his head and pitched it.... I am betting that no one at the table knew that it was considered bad manners to wear a hat at the table. But even with all the above I will continue to cruise....... Come on March 2011...........................................
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