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I very well could have talked with your son as we spent three or four days there. I talked with someone at just about every hardstand be it vintage warbirds or then front line USAF/Marine aircraft. We stayed in the college dorms there at the University in Oshkosh and there was no airconditoning (!!) and Wisconsin or not, it gets hot as hell in Oshkosh in July.

You might remember me remarking in a recent thread how I knew all of the sounds of all but the newest fighter fighter/bomber aircraft back in the sixties and seventies. We were just getting ready to leave the dorm one evening to go and get a bite to eat when I heard a roar fly over the campus. I said to my friend Skp with whom I attended the air show, "That sure ain't one of ours!" And we both ran outside. Turned out it was a MIG-21.

Anyhow, I do distinctly remember talking with the pilot of the F-17 because I believe Oshkosh '90 was the first time the public was allowed to approach the aircraft. I also remember talking with the Marine Harrier pilot because I was teasing him that he had to fly all the way from the West Coast and back. This was not to mention the flying he did at the airshow. Thing was, he had no one at the air show save himself that knew anything about a Harrier (which requires a lot of maintenance after relatively few flying hours). We were laughing that come hell or high water if anything went wrong he could always rely on the "Martin/Baker Connection." He said at least he could get fuel from the Air Force to get home. I have to admit that he looked kinda' sad out there by his lonesome whereas the USAF guys had tons of both enlisted and officer folks answering questions from the huge crowd surrounding the strange looking "newbie."

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