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Originally Posted by beachbum13 View Post
Neither my girlfriend or I ever remember our stuff being scanned. One time I came through with 2 bottles another time 3 bottles. They never said a word I voluntarily gave them up at a table. I could have taken them to my room no questions asked. I thought security was very lax. Just an observation.

They do tell that the reserve the right to search any bag...
That's very strange! Were you sober when you came back onboard ? We have seen people sent to the "table" who then just kept walking... . Maybe that's what you experienced? I'd like to think that the ship's security is tight .

Originally Posted by suse View Post
Well. You have alot to say. All of it a downer. Is there anything good you can say about your cruise. No, really, I have never come away from a cruise and had the mega-complaints that you did. Maybe you need some medication for real life or something.
Suse, you really haven't been on CM's enough (apparently) to know how much some people complain . "Mega-complaints" from BB13, I think not!

What BB13 posted was incredibly mild and they still had a great time on their cruise.
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