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Maybe you're right.

I advised Fran of this thread this evening and I said, "Now don't you think if I lost about forty pounds off of this 6'4" frame, grew my white wavy hair a bit longer combing in that very stylized version based upon how Andrew Jackson combed his and got myself one of those real fancy cutaways, that I couldn't attract charming young hot blooded ladies?

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, "You most probably could." As a big self satisfied smile spread across my lips she started chuckling which then progressed into giggling before exploding into hysterical laughter.

I asked her what was so funny. It took more than several deep breaths and a dozen attempts to control herself as she finally blurted out, "But the best part would be your trying to figure out what you'd do once you got them!"

Why do wives have to be so brutally honest?

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