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I have a solution! When I go on my cruise, I will be 4 months pregnant, and packin' a water pistol. If I see smokers in smoke free areas, I will blast them! If they can force their nasty habits on me, whelp PSSSST!!!
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As for those who would compare complaining about smoking to prejudice against people with physical disabilities? Not even close buddy. Are you trying to say that discrimination laws should read: "we do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, disability, sex (gender), religion, or smoking preference" ? Apples to oranges my friend.
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I am a realist. When I go to Europe, I expect to gulp huge amounts of second hand smoke everywhere I go. I may not like it, but I will never complain because it is the norm, accepted and expected. If you are a smoker, Europe is for you. If you are a smoker, then non-smoking areas on a cruise ARE NOT where you should go to smoke. You should not have the right to do as you choose, just as I dont have the right to eat from the cruise buffet whilst butt nekkid. Nor should I bend over and rip an el nino sized, thunderous butt clap into the face of the nearest smoker. The tremendous force of rancid emissions parting their hair and causing their chair to screech as it slides back a foot or two.
Regardless of the legality, it is possible to be disrespectful of others while staying within the confines of the law.

Okay, I so I may not pack a water pistol for the cruise, nor will I survey the buffet line while sporting a full moon, or part your hair with fart bombs, but I do wish smokers could appreciate the impact they have on those around them. I understand the fact that they are addicts and need somewhere to smoke. Give'em a deck or 2 to themselves. As for smokers who complain because the smoking areas are filled with too much smoke? Uh, yeah, your point?

Smoking is gross, unhealthy, stinks and my insurance helps pay for the cancer it causes. I have a right to be miffed.

Your fellow cruise enthusiast

PS. I dont give a rat's behind if I could get more carcinogens from sucking on an exhaust pipe or whatever Mr. MD claims. You won't catch me chasing cars with puckered lips anytime soon. Sure there are plenty of ways to increase our risk of cancer, some worse than others. Does that make the lesser of the evils acceptable?

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