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I think it would be interesting to know the ages of people recommending perfumes I love perfume (in moderation), so have many favorites.

Female, Age 36.

Perfume I own/have owned and love:
Maybe Baby by Benefit
Romance by Ralph Lauren
Baby Doll by Dior
Madagascar Orchid by Lisa Hoffman (won LOTS of parfum awards, and is unique enough that you dont smell just like everyone else. Sort of hate to give away my secret weapon)
Jessica McClintock (a fave since highschool)
Must de Cartier

Perfumes I haven't tried, but still love the smell:
Beyond Paradise by Estee
Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Vera Wang
Michael Kors
Carolina Hererra
and more!

Perfume that gives me a headache or runny nose:
Youth Dew
White Shoulders
L'air du temps
many of the Chanel perfumes
Anything super musky

Cologne for men that I like:
Aqua di Gio
Cool Water
Most Polos
Some Cartier
Michel Kors

Why I cannot stand CHARLIE perfume
When I was about 3, we were driving across country. My mom had a bottle of charlie perfume, and I decided it would be a good idea to chew on the cap while it was still on the bottle. Well, it crushed inward and caused the spray nozzle to become stuck in the "spray" position. I ended up with a mouth full. I am here to tell you, it does not taste pretty.
It took everyone a second to smell the perfume, and I wasnt fessing up, so we pulled over on the highway so the adults could investigate. My uncle found it under the seat, little person chew marks on the lid, still a' sprayin' away (this is the same man who wont use scented toilet paper because he says it makes him smell like a french -insert naughty word here). He drove the rest of the way with his head partially out of the window, and gave me plenty of evil looks. Honestly the smell stayed in his van for MONTHS, maybe even years.

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