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Default Additional tipping

As a cruiser I realize what a bargain my cruise is and tipping on a cruise ship is more than fair considering your paying for three plus meals a day.. What I DO FIND OFFENSIVE is Americans who slip waiters, etc. or leave extra $$ at meals.. There already is a service charge.. Don't know if Paul or Kuki realize that in St. Thomas several years ago there was a survey taken of cruise personnel and the "out front" staff that we see are paid very, very well. Their money for the most part is sent home to t heir families to buy a business and send their children to school. It's the people you do not see or pay attention to.. the dishwashers, the engine room people and staff behind the scenes who are probably very underpaid.. Remember, the cruise staff receives lodging, food, uniforms, health care, etc. But what American would want to work at least six months on a contact before getting a day off or seeing their families. It was tried on NCL and their Hawaii itinerary and it didn't work. . Most Americans don't want to clean toilets and make beds.. Somewhere I've read because of the European philosophy and habit of not tipping...the cruise lines are quietly trying to address this problem to satisfy the hard working staff members on cruise shipsl
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