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Default 'their job"

Yes, it maybe their "job".. but unless your a neatnick I so appreciate a room steward cleaning up after me, folding clothes, providing clean towels (extra), etc.. that I accept the "service charge".. Do know of an instance just last year when a couple pulled all their tips, because they did not eat in the dining room at all and when it was noted on their card..suddenly their room steward was all over them apologizing for any lack of service.. Yes, they did tip the waitress that they became fond of in the buffet area and the room steward.. I myself cannot see why Maitre D's get an envelope...just because they come over and check to see if everything is okay.. it's the waiter and the bus boy that in my opinion do the work. then there is the Household supervisor...

On the other hand I have heard so many stories of especially newlyweds who never go to the last meal so they don;t have to tip..
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