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Cool Tips

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
On all of the Carnival Corporation lines, if you do not pull your tips, the amount is dispersed among the waitstaff, cabin steward, headwaiter and a small amount (about .50/day) goes to the behind the scenes staff (galley, laundry).

If you pull your tips and "decide" to tip in person then all of the money you give to an individual must go into the tip pool. If you do not pull your tips and give extra then the individual can keep the extra money. On NCL all extras are to be turned in to the pool.

The only major line that still uses the envelopes now is Royal Caribbean and it's lines. (Celebrity and Azamara)

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Great information Mike...Since we had a different waiter each night I can understand their lack of enthusiasm for service on NCL.. Maybe that is why Celebrity still gives great service...the envelopes are an incentive..and in all seriousness the degree of service and "little things" really makes cruising with Celebrity special and the fact that they do it continually right now makes them a step above other lines I've cruised lately..
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