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Perhpas this lends a different perspective. And this is meant as a pleading and not an admonition.

Do we really need to be connnected while on vacation. My boss always makes sure he can be reached on his vacation days. His boss forfeits two of his four weeks a year of vacation as he feels he cannot justify being away from work that much during the year. We are to be reachalbe even on sick days. It is unwritten that we come in early and leave late. This type of cultural direction will continue until there are no cruises, no vacations, and we work as people did in the middle ages.

34 years ago while on a family vacation our house was robbed. No one could reach us, so we were greeted by a notice on the door when we got home. I remember my mom saying, "I'm so glad we didn't know about this during our vacation, it would have really saddened our trip!" Vacation saved, memories perserved, and it didn't matter that we found out four days later.

So help de-stress the world a little bit and teach the younger generation how to enjoy a vacation and not how to make it just like work, but on a cruise ship.

PS I know some of you earn a living by going on cruise ships - to you, we smile and hope the wifi plan is in your favor.

PSS - If your phone can connect to wifi (iPhone, etc.) not be confused with 3G or 4G, you can skype and e-mail through the ship's minutes and skip the trans ocean cell bills.
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