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Default Shampoo in the dispensers?

Does anyone know the brand name of the shampoo that Carnival is currently using in the dispensers in the cabin showers? I should really know the answer to this but I guess until it became important (allergies) I didn't really pay much attention. I'm trying to pack as light as possible (thanks to the joys of air travel) and this would be just one less item I need to lug with me or buy when I arrive. I called Carnival and the first rep didn't know that there were dispensers in the showers and the second rep told me that they don't normally give out that information because it is considered advertising??? I laughed, thinking that was just code for I dont' know and I'm too lazy to go ask. I should have just come here and asked the experts first, but silly me I thought Carnival might just have the answer!

Thanks for your help : )
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