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I really appreciate your answers. As I said we are doing this on the cheap and it sounds like its going to work. I appreciate the advice as well....the wife has already informed me that she wants two to go to mendenhall glacier and two, since we paid for our passports we WILL step into Canada If that keeps her happy, Im happy
Sergej, I had to chuckle at your statement regarding staying out of the casino....I had to promise that I would stay out of there...wont be easy, but hey again if it keeps mama happy .
Kuki, I totally agree with you and we will do what we can afford, in all honesty I have been reading books and talking to a friend who did the Alaskan Cruise a couple years back, about all the ports and it seems like there is actually alot you can do that doesnt cost or if it does its minimal, for example taking the blue bus in skagway to see Liarsville..relatively inexpensive.
I certainly would like to do as much as we can but again obviously I want to keep our costs down and you guys are showing me that this can actually be done.
Donna, in answer to your question we will be cruising on the Sapphire.

Any thoughts on the room that we have, its on the carribe deck (no balcony as I originally was told by princess..probably someone new but hey Im not going to get angry over a simple mistake) c109 or c106 FF I dont have the paperwork in front of me but Im sure its one of those.

Thanks again gang
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