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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post

"Interesting qualification. Smoking is the social equivalent of blasting your hotel TV in the middle of the night or passing gas in an elevator or cutting in line."

Its not by any means bud. And because you like a lot of non smokers think it is, then the poor smoker who is trying to obey the limited rules available to them today will always be an outcast in your opinion,,mm.

On your thoughts, people that blast a TV to all at all hours are scum, that's anti social as it affects all around them in a more uncontrolled way

Cutting a line, again you cannot relate that to smokers working in what is allowed by the rules. Social acceptance from all would take that as not acceptable for anyone.

Passing gas in a lift and walking out hoping no one comes in, well I imagine thats quite common and we all hope we can get out before the next person gets in

I can give you a list of things that I see non smokers do that I am concerned about even more,,want to compare?

Go into toilet, do whatever and walk out ignoring there is a basin to wash their hands in

Sneeze or cough across all around and with no thought of covering mouth or nose

Scratch "private bits" and then lift something from a buffet with the same hand

Talk at such a volume to a person two feet away from them that others 30ft away feel they they are in the conversation

Splash dive or hog the pool or hot tubs so much that no-one else feels comfortable to be in there.

I could go on and I'm sure others have theor versions of what is anti social, but smoking we do it where allowed and until that changes we are in the right,,so what do we do about the rest?

Naw, dont think about it, smokers are the easy target
Really, who cares about being socially acceptable? I'm on vacation for crying out load!
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