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Originally Posted by You View Post
Hi guys,
I am a little confused here. I've never gone out of the port of los angeles, so am wondering if it's the same port that is in Long Beach? I am looking at booking my hotel for the night before the cruise, and several different places mention a shuttle, but they call it different ports. Also, on a different site, someone mentioned not all cruise ships leaving from the same place in LA? I'm heading out of "LA" on Celebrity Infinity.
Yes, as others have noted, the "Port of Los Angeles" is in the San Pedro area.

San Pedro is an area between Long Beach and Rancho Palos Verdes that's part of the city of Los Angeles. There's a swath of land about 100 yards wide along I-110 that's also part of the city of Los Angeles, connecting San Pedro to the rest of the city. On the MapQuest map of the area, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach actually appear to be two sides of the same area.

If you are booking your own flights into Los Angeles International Airport on the day of your embarkation or flying out of the same airport on the day of disembarkation, be aware that it typically takes about an hour to travel between the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport due to the combination of distance and traffic.

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