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I know this isn't the gripes board and I'm not griping--just making known a few things I've seen, including last week.
Yes, people try ( for reasons known only to them ) to carry everything and anything both on and off the ship. In my opinion the self debarkation should be limited to one piece per person and if someone has more--tough--go back and sit and wait. Worst thing that was ever started on cruises is the fiasco of self debarkation.
Last year at Port Canaveral some guy has a huge suitcase that he tried to carry on--the Carnival people stopped him and told him he would have to check it--he argued with them--somehow--and I don't know how he did it, he ended up in front of us at the security checkpoint and guess what--no matter which way he turned the damn thing, it wouldn't go through the conveyor. He persisted on trying until finally someone had the backbone to turn into a drill Sargent type for a minute and sent him packing with the bag back to check it in.
Last week we were on the Mariner.The first Port, Cabo San Lucas is a tender port. We waited for a while, thinking most of the crowd would be off---wrong-- it was backed up 2-3 decks. Finally when we got to the security checkpoint where you have you seapass card dinged, some guy that was with 5-6 other people discovered he had left his card in his cabin--he had to fight his way back through the crowd--his companions to say the least were p.o'd big time. They went on without him--guess they found him later. Then coming back through the check point to get to the ship someone didn't have a photo I.D.--only a seapass card.
Some of these folks makes you wonder how they actually function in the world, earn a living, etc. But, that's cruising --always something interesting and entertaining to watch !!;-) ;-)
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