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Default Effortless entry

I was on the Pride out of Baltimore two weeks ago. I've been on 22 cruises and this was the easiest of any embarkation I've experienced. When you drive in (we arrived about noon) there are numerous, very courteous attendants. They will direct you through the semi-circle, collect your $105 (cash or Mastercard), unload your luggage and point out where to park. Keep your valuables in a carry on with you. This was SO much more organized than any other port we've been to where usually there is mass confusion, horns blaring, triple parking, etc. New York was the worst---plus they charged $29 per day compared to Baltimore's $15, and they charged for 8 days (they claim you park part of each Sunday) rather than 7. Have your "funpass" and passport out after you park and enter the building. You'll then pass through a metal detector. The attendants inside the building will spot your VIP funpass and/ or luggage tag on your carry on and direct you to the VIP section. They will expedite your entry. If you go before 2, you can board the ship, explore, and head to deck 9 to BEGIN your 24/7 days of eating.
We enjoyed the cruise and the ship----but I've got to warn you to expect art work all over the ship. We found it tasteful, typical artwork but some cruisers were offended by the constant display of "unclothed" paintings and sculpture (don't miss peeking at the statue of David in David's restaurant on deck 10---sans fig leaf).
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