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Well I was once on a stretch of three cruises in a row with something crazy happening. First it was the Crown Princess listing incident the cruise just before mine. The ship was leaving Florida on its way back up to New York when it listed way over to its side. It went back to Florida, some people were taken off for injuries. The ship was inspected by the US Coast Guard and any repairs were made and my cruise started two days late.

A year or two later, about a week before I was supposed to go to Canada out of New York on Carnival Victory, that ship bumped its nose while docking in Manhattan. They had to close the West Side Highway and traffic was even more of a mess than usual while they made sure everything was safe. The ship still had the dent on my cruise.

The following year on Carnival Miracle, Caribbean out of New York, we were docked next to the Norwegian Spirit when boarding in New York. We were docked next to the Norwegian Spirit in Puerto Rico. And when we got back to New York at the end of the cruise, the Cruise Director came on the PA and told us that we would be delayed getting off because the Norwegian Spirit, which was docking next to us, crashed into the pier we were already docked at.

And this past summer, my local public high school was having its prom on one of those NYC harbor cruise boats. While leaving on my cruise on Carnival Miracle, it looked like we came pretty close to crashing into them. I asked a few people I knew who were their and they did say a big cruise ship with a "weird red funnel" came pretty close to them.

Past Cruises (all except one from NYC)
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Celebrity Galaxy to Caribbean (from Baltimore): July 2003
Voyager of the Seas to Caribbean: July 2004
Crown Princess to Caribbean: July 2006
Carnival Victory to Canada: August 2007
Carnival Miracle to Caribbean: May 2008

Future Cruises:
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