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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
It just continues to totally amaze me how vendictive, bitter and really scary how some anti smoking people can be against others just doing what they do
I think the point that smokers miss is that you arent just "doing what (you) do" You are doing it to others too! Did you read the quote about the asthmatic kid? Smoking is a far cry from say... tattoos on your forhead. Those are ugly, but they dont hurt me, so I could care less. I am very much a "let people be" until they start infringing on my personal space. It is like someone carrying around a cheap bottle of perfume, and each time they spray themselves squirting each and every person around them too. No, I do not want to smell like you!

Unfortunately if you think anti-smokers arent making strides, you are sadly mistaken. This link has a list of smoking laws by state, and if you scroll down by county. Remember when there was smoking on planes? Smoking vs. non in ALL restaurants? All hotels? There are even smokeless bars now! And another good site
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