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Hi everyone! My name is Jorge. I am 26 years old...still in school meanwhile working full-time as a Buyer for a University in California.

I am so looking forward to my first gay cruise. However, after reading this forum, it seems like its only couples that take these cruises. Or, not so much only couples, whereas not many single sailors.

It took great effort in my part to save the money for this cruise. But, after being exposed to this suspision, I can't help but wonder if this investment will even be well worth making.

Sorry, fellas...I don't mean to turn this cruise forum into a Dear Abbey letter but, if any of you have any advise, I would really appreciate it.

OH, FYI, i have been looking into the following two cruises:

RSVP Vacations - 25th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise

Atlantis Events - 2010 Athens to Barcelona Cruise

Thanks in advance :-D
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