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John Heald is one of the reasons so much info is out there, and so many are getting confused about it.

He first came out with No power cords or strips. Someone questioned him about it, and he changed it. He was then reminded that many people MUST have medical equipment to get through a cruise, and after consulting Carnival, he made additional changes on what could be done.

If he had all the answers before he spoke, then I think many would have understood. Don't tell me he never realized there were medical needs for passengers.

Bruce, Having lived in Germany for 10 years I know all to well about the transformers (man I hated those things) but I have also been cruising for more than a few years, and we have never heard this before.

I think this is all about saving money for Carnival, and nothing else.

Show me any hotel/motel room in this country that has only one plug for the entire room.

I would suggest that Carnival instruct their employees to remove any cord or wire, from a room that is defective, and leave a note.

I leave in less than a month, and I am a rule follower, and I will do what Mr. Heald has said in his last change, but it is stupid to have to hand carry something on a ship, or have to go to Guest Services before you even get started, just to explain yourself.
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