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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
What is so strange is that we've been cruising for about 5 years. We've always used a small power strip for a night lite and to charge our phones.

Why, "all of a sudden", are these "dangerous"? I just find the answers to this question (all over the boards I read) to be unsatisfactory.

Give me a good reason and I'll let everyone know!

I don't work for nor speak for Carnival. I cannot explain exactly why they have chosen to suddenly announce this.

But working for a large mass market line, I know that this sort of coprporate announcement usually follows some sort of event where a fire was started, somebody was injured or killed, a ship was damaged, or the cruise line was sued for some incredibly brilliant or completely stupid reason. That's probably what happened at Carnival.

When a crew member tries to bring a 120v power strip onboard a ship, the ship's electricians want to test it first to see if he plugs it into a 220v outlet (in error or otherwise), will it start a fire?
They also want to test the circuit breaker built into the strip to see if it can handle 220v, or the electrical load that it claims it can handle.

Until a few years ago, most passengers did NOT bring this sort of thing onboard with them. We have always had good quality extension cords and power strips on board (tested of course) that we are very happy to loan to passengers. Recently we see a rapidly growing number of "imported" power strips in passenger cabins. Most of them are probably fine; but some of these look like the "K-Mart Special" that may not be up to standards. We would not allow a crewmember to bring that sort of thing onboard. Why should we allow a passenger to put the ship at risk?

When only a few passengers bring this sort of thing onboard with them, it usually stays under the radar - but when the masses start bringing large numbers onboard, somebody wakes up and acts.
That's what is happening.

Remember that we are talking about the Mass Market here - not you as a single responsible individual.

Every cruise we have geniuses sneaking on charcoal BBQ grills, electric cooking equipment and other kitchen appliances for their cabins, fishing equipment for the balcony, candles, propane hair curlers, electric space heaters, gas lanterns, antennas for their ham radios, kites for the pool deck. We have even had passengers sneaking a full hair salon - with all the equipment - into a passenger cabin and setting up their own onboard beauty salon in a passenger cabin. You name it, we have confiscated it.

You cannot fix stupid. You can only take precautions to try to avoid danger and death related to those stupid people.
Unfortunately "Mass Market" equates to lowest common denominator on the intelligence scale.
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