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Default Good Heavens, it's already Hump Day Wednesday!

Good morning all of my beloved CruiseMates including those at sea! Here it is approximately 0235 hrs., 5 May 2010 and I can't believe everyone is still asleep.......saving of course those who have yet to go to bed, especially in Kuki's neck of the woods.

I thank Beenie Weenie so much for picking up the slack with this thread in Rollerdonna's absence but if you wait for me to routinely open up, you might be going to bed by the time I get it done.

Got my lawn mowed yesterday. It certainly is beautiful with all of the shrubbery and extraneous crap removed. I just get out and walk up to the back of the property that overlooks the higher foothills of the mountains. On a non humid day the mountains are not hazy and the vista is just gorgeous. Fran laughs and tells me I get excited by the darnedest things such as when I get done mowing. I tell her it's a "guy thing." She would think it beautiful too but I doubt she's ever seen this particular view in the Spring and Summer months. I vaguely recall her going out back one time several years ago in June. I heard a scream and this five foot four inch wisp of a thing ran right back into the house without bothering to open the storm door. Turned out she saw a flying insect . I considered renting her out to local law enforcement as she knocks down doors faster'n that ram with two officers on it. I'm going to compose a new version of that country hit by Kenny Rogers, "Coward of the County" and entitle it "Coward of the Bugs." I guess that's why Fran is a hermit. Was talking with a close neighbor the other day and Fran hollered out the door for something and the woman looked at me with astonishment and said, "I didn't know you were married!" Well okay, maybe not all not that bad but sometimes I do wonder.

Today's supposed to be another glorious one here in upper East Tennessee with a high in the mid 80's. Only thing on tap today is a pulmonary function test as I'm told I now have emphysema. I looked at my close friend and family physician and wheezed, "Gosh you're good J.R. Did you ever consider becoming a rocket scientist?"

I have added Ray's Helen to the prayer list and ask for everyone else who maintains something similar to do the same. Prayers of course continue accompanied by a call for Blessings upon all. Now, I think I'll go lie down for a little nap.

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