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What !!!! What are you actually saying to me? Look its simple SMOKING is LEGAL, people are allowed to do it.

If you were complaining about people snorting lines, or pushing needles up their arms in public or on ship then I could get it. But what we do LIKE IT OR NOT is legal where we are allowed to do it.

You and others may not like it, that's your call. SO there are plenty of no-smoking ships out there, pick one, then its not a problem,,,simple.

But cough, cough, the majority of lines seeking passengers actually want my smokey old A** on board as I give them income and so do a lot like me. You want to change it, run for Congress and go up against the others there that are supported and funded by the cig industry. When you win the battle there, then the lines will take notice,,,

And yes, you just confirmed my thoughts on some non smokers that you quoted me back
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