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I can answer a bit of your questions.

Extra costs:

Alcohol will depend on what type of drink you want. Beer, wine or Bahama Mams? There is always a drink of the day which is discounted. it will be listed in your Navigator paper and in many of the elevators. Average costs $3.50 to $6.00. Not counting if you want to buy a bottle of wine for dinner. They do have special wine packages you can purchase.

Spa is extra Cost depends on what you have done.
Bingo is extra, not sure what that costs now?
Entertainment is all included in the price of the cruise.

Pop, coffee, tea, milk is all free at the restaurants and the drink station on deck 9 (24/7) If you order it from a waiter or at a bar you will be charged for it plus a 15% gratuity.
we always get our pop at the drink station and take it with me to the shows or club.

If you want to go to a wine tasting or martini tasting there is a charge, sorry I dont know how much. I have never done this.

I will try to find copy of a navigator for you to look at, it will help a lot with prices for you.

Food is free. Room service is free although we keep a few ones for a tip.
They do have snacks you can buy in the store and by the WD Theater, candy,cookies etc...

Tips for staff are room host, head server, dining room server, drink server.
The suggested amount averages out to around $10 per day per person, including kids. I will try to find the link to that info for you too.

I'll try to get back tonight with the links to the info for you.


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