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Originally Posted by sistagoldenhair View Post
I wonder how early you have to get there to be the first in line?
When we sailed on the Fascination we booked a suite because DW requires a balcony. Our checkout at the hotel was 10:00 so we went directly to the port. We were allowed in with no problem and Carnival was checking people in, just not allowing them to board yet, so you would have to get there before 10:30 to be the first in line. After about 30 minutes in the VIP lounge (because of the suite) we were taken to the escalators and, with our two nieces, were the first to board. Then they began boarding groups by numbers they gave out to the people that arrived before boarding started.

On a previous trip (same hotel) we didnít have a suite and were waiting for friends to arrive. Security and Checkin at 10:30 took about 20 minutes the we waited for our friends to arrive. At 11:20 (larger ship took a little longer to unload) they started loading VIPs and wedding groups with general boarding starting at 11:45. At 11:30 the busses from the airport started arriving and the lines got really long. At 12:00 our friends arrived and were through the line about 12:50. By then the lines were beginning to shorten again and looked like they would be pretty short again after 1:00. We didnít see any more since we boarded at 1:00.

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