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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
I have four days in Moscow later this month. Red October originally quoted in USD; I asked for quote in Euros given that I don't have access to US currency. I am sure glad I did. By the time I pay the 1628 Euros, it will be worth fewer USD than at time of booking.

My ATM card only allows me $500 per day. For a year, I have been going to bank around three times a week getting Euros. I should have all the money for Moscow by this Friday and will then start getting money for rest of month.
Marc, we used Red October last June, they did a wonderful job. They changed there policy from small groups to individual couples. From what I was told they had to many problems with people in larger groups agreeing on what to see, and only moving as fast as the slowest person group member. Sounds like a ship tour. We had a driver and guide for two days. Well worth the money, and they took a credit card which made it easy, I tipped in cash. They do like the American dollars. Take care, Mike
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