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I was thinking of the Norwegian Epic and her doing a revenue cruise on the way to NYC when I posted my earlier comments. Of course now NCL is under some new pressure given the fire which destroyed an area on the Epic the other day. The shipyard still says they'll meet the delivery date.

Last fall Royal Caribbean had a deal with ABC and Good Morning America which no doubt was worth a lot of money. I can't see a similar payout for exclusive rights to the first media reports of the Allure, but who knows? I do anticipate some hype as the Allure leaves Europe, with daily videos from the ship and some sort of build-up on a morning show. RCI tends to stick to the script on these things. For instance they did a big production with the Today Show for the Freedom Of The Seas debut, and did a similar but smaller deal when the Liberty Of The Seas came out.

Whoever gets the rights, I hope they don't blow it like Good Morning America did with the Oasis. They did a horrible job and whoever was responsible for the production ought to be ashamed. It was total incompetence.
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