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Originally Posted by FryGirl View Post
We are booked on the coral for the panama canal
Jan 6, 2008. I was just put on a Oxygen Concentrator.
Will I have trouble getting my machine’s on the ship.
I have to be on O2 24/7. I also have small tanks with back pack
that I can refill.
How do you get your oxygen concentrator systems on the ship I
have been looking for Telefoling Platform Truck.
My unit comes with 3 prices plus small tanks.
We are in a Mini Suite will I need 50 feet of hose or can
I just take 25 ft. My TA is finding out all the paperwork or
other things the cruise line may want from me.

Is there any thing else I may need to know. ??
I can use all the help I can get Thank You

Contact you oxygen supply place. They do this often. I'm fairly certain you won't be taking your own. They can get you all setup. If your supplier doesn't do this they can direct you. You can also speak to the cruise line and they will give you their policy. I spoke to Apria (nationwide oxygen suppliedr) about a family member wanting to cruise. They told me that they would have the oxygen delivered to the room prior to departure and pick it up at the end of the cruise. My family member also has a portable concentrator that makes oxygen and is very light (5 lbs). It just goes over their shoulder like a purse. I runs for 2-3 hours before it needs a recharge. It also has a battery pack that that will extend the time for another 5 hours (Airsep Freestyle). You can plug them in anywhere. It is extra weight to carry for adapters.
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