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KUKI - thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Sounds like you are having a great time so far.

Could you please do me/us one favour and put a break line between paragraphs - it's kind of hard on the eyes reading it - at least you did break it down in paragraphs, whereas some people never do this.


Travel Day, Overnight, and Night One

Normally when I fly, especially without Mrs. Kuki accompanying me, I have a bit of a bit of a habit of running into some “unusual situations”. This trip, was atypical, as my flight left relatively close to “on time”, and I was even on it when it left.

Now, the actual airplane we flew on was not typical either. My seat was both an aisle seat and a window seat. That caught my attention! No I wasn’t flying this baby. It’s just an odd configuration. The overhead bin was just large enough to hold a ball-cap, if I‘d be wearing one.

The flight however was thankfully eventful, except for the circling we did in tough winds, attempting to land at Newark. One of our turns was so tight I could have just slipped out the window, and landed on deck of whatever RCI ship was docked at Bayonne, N.J.

Have a WONDERFUL time and keep up with your great reports.

Dee Dee
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