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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
John Heald is one of the reasons so much info is out there, and so many are getting confused about it.

He first came out with No power cords or strips. Someone questioned him about it, and he changed it. He was then reminded that many people MUST have medical equipment to get through a cruise, and after consulting Carnival, he made additional changes on what could be done.

If he had all the answers before he spoke, then I think many would have understood. Don't tell me he never realized there were medical needs for passengers.
Have to agree here. He can make a mess of things sometimes. He only has 344 Stephanies to help him. It is nice to have a direct link to CCL Sr. management, tho.

Here is the latest from his blog:
" I do want to talk a little about the ongoing subject of items that are not allowed on board. It is ongoing and that is our fault as we have yet to finalize the list and make it public. I know this is a hot topic over on the CC boards and my mate Host Mach has informed me that some are accusing me of ignoring the issue or refusing to post comments about it. That is absolutely not true. Unless the post is a personal attack on someone (apart from myself which you are all free to do) the Stephanies will post every comment. I say this because “Cruisinmomma” sent me an e mail marked “urgent” with a link to this thread thingy today and I wanted to address it.
**Link can be found at the blog**
In this regard, I wanted to talk directly to Tom and Cheryl from cruise critic who are valuable past guest cruisers. Please, if you have a concern about this, send me a comment and I promise it will be posted. I know that you do not agree with the policies regarding the power strips and I think maybe I should explain again as obviously before I made a hash of it.
You see, it’s not just the power that these strips take……….nope…….the major concern is the condition some of these power strips and cords are in. While yours are in an excellent state, I am sure many are not. I know this because I have seen the reports and photos of some that are definitely not in a good state and a bad power strip could cause a spark and a spark can cause a fire and………well…….the rest is obvious. We make no apologies for thinking of the safety of the ship and all on board.
Tom and Cheryl………you have cruised with us many times and I would hate to think that you would consider not doing so again because of a power cord. Please write to me if you wish to discuss this further as your loyalty means a lot to Carnival and to me.

The final list is not ready yet. There is a final meeting on Thursday and then soon after I will publish the list here. Until then I remind you that chargers for Eye Pods and other electrical items are fine and if anyone has a medical reason to have more, than please add a note in your baggage stating this.
I promise we will get this resolved once and for all and that a clear and present clarification is posted for all."

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