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I have kidded about bringing a hibachi on for years,and every time there is a post about what not to first item has always been a power strip. If I was woken up, by my next door cabin mate with any appliance loud enough to wake me up, I would not be a happy cruiser.

In this day and age, when electronics play such an important part of enjoying a cruise, its imperative for the cruise lines to help the cruisers, do what they need to do..Some people need to use the wifi, for work, charging the ipods, kindles, etc, and, using multiple hair appliance is just the norm nowadays...Some people don't bring all this stuff, but many more do, like it or not...

So, the cruise lines, with their gigantic buying power,should equip each cabin with the proper power strip, with anything but the approved one used...confiscated. The steward should advise passengers, they will be given it back at the end of the cruise..Should any of the approved strips disappear upon leaving the cabin on the last day...they charge should be applied to the sail and sign account, after the fact...this way everyone who need the strip, has one, and, the line knows the safety of the ship is not compromised.

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