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Thumbs down registry vacations

Hi - I booked a deal with Registry vacations.
I found that they have no resorts available at the times that I want at the locations that I want. And that they have horrible customer service. Their offices close at 5 pm and it is difficult to get a hold of someone.
And they are flying by the seat of their pants. These people have no idea what they're doing. They always say 'i'm not a booking agent. you have to call them.' or 'I'm not in accounting - you have to call them.'
They have been terrible!

By the time it was all said and done and the pain i felt through the whole process, I'm not sure I saved that much money.

Also, remember that the resort vacation only pays for the room, not for food or anything else. So even if you think youre going to get a good deal on the cruise, you can get a good resort deal anywhere. They have many restrictions on the resorts.
And on top of that, they gave me the pueblo bonito stay but i had to use it within 6 months and when i called they were all booked so i couldn't use it at all! it was not a savings. If you can actually get a date for pueblo bonito AND get a date and location for the resort stay that is spectacular/fabulous, you'll probably save $. But otherwise, you're better off getting a good deal on cruise and then separately booking a hotel somewhere you actually want ot go AND not feel pressure to take the vacations that they are offering!

I wouldn't go with them again. They have been really bad with their customer service experience.

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