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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I can agree that the neighbors who think they need total silence at all times, the sound of a shutting door is intolerable or if someone "actually" speaks in the hall is an invasion of their privacy. These people can be as bad or worse than someone who makes too much noise.

You are on a cruise and having some fun and there will be some noise. If each party has some respect and tolerance then cruising will be much more enjoyable.
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Originally Posted by dhudd View Post
One cruise we had some bad balcony neighbors. They were always smoking, talking, yelling and peeking around our balcony. One time we were sunbathing on our balcony and they kept on looking over at us. They would go out onto their balcony and smoke cigarettes one after another, creating a huge cloud of smoke that would blow right into our balcony, and make a lot of noise. We knew just when they were on their balcony, because we could hear their door slam and then there would be a huge cloud of smoke that would blow into our balcony followed by loud talking & yelling. Then they would start peeking into our balcony, followed by laughing & joking. We then were forced to go back into our cabin. The next morning I would have to pick up their cigarttte butts off my deck. I did see them once and asked them not to throw cigaretts over the side and to keep the noise down in the late hours but ??? I complained, but we don't believe that they were spoken to by the Hotel Management because they did it all through that cruise. They were just rude people.
Regarding the cig butts on the balcony. I would certainly see the concern for fire with this behavior and make certain photos were taken and several reports made to GSO and Safety OFFICERS!--the ones in white uniforms.

On our Alaska sailing there was a morning where I woke up early and spotted whales near the ship. I open the door and call for Liz to come see.
I must have yelled to her because the neighbors came out and yelled back to be quiet!! The neighbor then demanded that we not smoke and that it was not permitted.

Liz keeps a glass of water around for her cig butts.

We've had loud kids and loud adults over the years and no doubt a few times we could have been loud ourselves. (Shhhh Scurvy!)

Like Mike said we all just have to have some respect and tolerance.

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