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I think you bet call Carnival or your TA again and see if they can find you a handicapped accessible cabin.

Cabin 7228 is a OS, or what was referred to as a Cat 11 suite. I have had two Cat 11 suties before. It is larger and I would say that it is the size of a cabin and a half of another cabin. The bathroom area has a dressing area with a table, mirror, and opposite that is another closet. The problem is the space is narrow, and I seriously doubt it is wide enough for a wheelchair. The other major problem with the combined dressing room and bathroom is the step up to get into the bathroom, it is perhaps six inches at best. The door that opens to the bathroom may also be an issue if it is configured like the door was on the Splendor suite I had, but if it is like the door configuration on the Conquest there may be enough room for a wheelchair to go up and in IF a small ramp is put in to bridge the difference in height.

The balcony is HUGE, but not extended in width, so it is the standard with of most Carinval cabins. It is 50% longer!!!!! The door is rather heavy, so if they can make it right, the door may be a little hard to open--even I have problem sometimes because it is heavy.

I checked my video I took of the cabin tour to confirm and I think you do need to make a call to arrange a more suitabe cabin OR for Carnival to see if they can make it accessible. Spacewise, it is very spacious.

Good luck!

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